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Sausalito Marin City School District

Compact For Student Success

Student Pledge

Student Pledge

As a student, I pledge to:
  • Come to school on time and ready to learn
  • Demonstrate my best efforts on all class work and homework
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Be responsible for my own behavior
  • Work cooperatively with others
  • Respect all school rules and procedures
Parent/guardian Pledge

Parent/guardian Pledge

As a parent/guardian, I pledge to:
  • Regularly read to or with my child
  • Provide a quiet time and place for homework; provide support when needed
  • Ensure regular, punctual attendance
  • Provide for proper rest and nutrition
  • Attend parent/teacher conferenced to discuss my child's progress and achievement
  • Communicate with the school when I have a concern
  • Participate and/or volunteer at school/classroom activities, including voluntary home visits and community-based meetings
  • Read all correspondence from the school
  • Support the school with the enforcement of school rules and procedures
Staff member pledge

Staff member pledge

As a school staff member, I pledge to:
  • Provide clear and high expectations within a supportive environment
  • Provide high quality instruction using District adopted materials
  • Teach al students at grade level using standards-based lessons with appropriate intervention
  • Provide opportunities for parents to learn how to help their child
  • Participate in voluntary home visits and community-based meetings
  • Communicate regularly with families about their student's progress
  • Schedule teacher/parent conferences to discuss student progress
  • Provide opportunities for parents to participate and/or volunteer in classroom activities