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Sausalito Marin City School District


What does unification mean?
Unification means that in the spirit of consensus building, collaboration, and community engagement, the Sausalito Marin City School District (SMCSD) and Willow Creek Academy (WCA) are working together to explore the feasibility of unifying WCA and the district's Bayside MLK, Jr. Academy into a unified school as a solution to meet the needs of all students that live in the SMCSD enrollment boundaries.
Does unification accomplish what is required by the Attorney General of the State of California?
Yes, unification would meet all the requirements of the judgment, provided that a significant number of families from Sausalito, the marinas and houseboat communities, and from on the hill in Marin City decided to stay in the unified school.
Would a unified school have to be at a single site?
No, there could be a single school with two campuses. Both existing campuses (WCA and Bayside MLK) could be used by the unified school, with different grade levels at each campus.
Can we retain current staff and admin from both schools?
Yes we can. A lot of this will depend on the configuration we choose and whether or not existing staff want to remain part of a union or join a union.
Will focusing on low achieving kids have a negative impact on high achieving kids?
There is a consensus amongst educational research that in fact the opposite is true: integrating lower-achieving students with higher-achieving students has no negative effect on high-achieving students and improves the achievement of low achieving students. There is a correlation between academic achievement and income and the same correlation holds when low income students go to school with high income students –  low income student achievement increases with no negative effect on high income students. 
Will families who no longer live in the district but still attend Willow Creek Academy or Bayside MLK be able to attend the unified school?
Yes, under any of the configurations that are being considered.
Who will make the final decisions?
Final decisions regarding how each legal entity wants to proceed will be made by the Sausalito Marin City School District Board of Trustees and by the Willow Creek Academy Board of Trustees.

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